This Offbeat Method 
Literally "Reshaped" My Life!

pants fell off yesterday

My pants fell off yesterday..

No it wasn't a bad dream! Luckily I was alone getting dressed when it happened. I saw it as a not so subtle way of my body telling me I need to go get some new smaller clothes because this method that was shared to me by my cousin is working!

Let me rewind just a bit..

It was Fall 2022 my children, spouse and I were boarding a flight back home from seeing some of our extended family. As I sluggishly entered the crowded and crammed plane I saw a passenger snicker to their spouse and say "Ugh! Some people shouldn't travel" as they looked up and down at my body in disgust and judgement.

I pretended I didn't hear them. I sulked into the tiny and uncomfortable seat that was assigned to me and had a turbulent inner dialogue the whole flight home. As we were landing I made a vow to myself that I was going to change.

Change did occur.. But it was a 2 year journey through HELL! Winston Churchill's quote "If you're going through Hell, keep going", helped me to keep going.

On this journey I was discovering exercises that worked for me. Food that actually gave my body the nourishment it was craving. Meditation and visualization techniques that helped heal my mind, body and spirit.

But, and this was a big "Ol But".. I wasn't letting go of the stubborn fat that I had accumulated over the past decade. My cousin who is one of my closest friends, noticed all the hard work that I was doing and could see the frustration in my eyes. They encouraged me to keep going just as Churchill's quote had been doing. Then they shared with me an "offbeat" method that they and over 234,111 people were already benefiting from.

My journey through Hell was transmuted from discouragement to empowerment. Thanks to this "offbeat" method that harnessed the power of 8 plants, nutrients and antioxidants that kick started my body's natural capacity to liquify those stubborn fat cells that were causing so much discouragement.

I noticed right away:

My waistline shrunk

I no longer craved the nasty sweets I was enslaved to

I had more energy

I was more relaxed and happy

I watched the inflammation and swelling disappear

Fast forward to yesterday.. My clothes are literally falling off my new body!

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