This "Simple Ancestral Ritual" Changed My Life Forever

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My jaw broke! I found myself overhearing my oldest son explaining to his little brother that mommy has a big fat belly, daddy  has a big fat belly. We don't have big fat bellies.. yet.

Kids say the darndest things don't they?! But aren't they just little reflections of ourselves that we have the privilege of raising? When I overheard that honest explanation my oldest was giving our youngest the part that gonged me the hardest was the word .."yet".

It was at that moment I turned the direction of my life. I realized It wasn't just me the weight issues were affecting.

I won't lie.. Letting go of excess weight that no longer served me was a horrible and gut-checking experience. I look back and am grateful I did it but I hit some walls along the way. Now, I am a big believer in will power and tapping into our physical, emotional and spiritual potential for true and powerful change. But, and this is a big ol"but" I also believe there are physical tools we can use to help breakdown and power-through those damn walls!

On my journey I encountered an incredible one, one that uses some very remote and specific plants. The combination of these flawless and simple nutrients turned my body into a wrecking ball that blasted through the walls. (Look out Miley Cyrus;)).

breaking wall

Click on the video below and allow yourself to jump-start your journey!

This is your life! Consciously take the wheel and watch the magic unfold.

(Watch the video while it's still available and free.)

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